Mindy McCready’s Sex Tape Exposed!

Wow. You wouldn’t expect to see this kind of a sex tape from country singer Mindy McCready but here it is - The Mindy McCready Sex Tape!

The country singer and former Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew star has a sex tape out. The video features her with an ex-boyfriend and was released through Vivid Entertainment.

Mindy McCready has been involved in other scandals in the past. Among them include her having an affair with MLB star pitcher Roger Clemens. She was also accused of stealing a sex tape of Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart from her Celebrity Rehab roommate Kari Ann Peniche. We find it pretty ironic and hilarious that she would possibly steal a sex tape and then complain that her own sex tape found its way to the public.

The singer has also gotten into numerous legal troubles for things like driving under the influence, bettery and using a fake perscription to buy OxyContin. She also was arrested in Tennessee for violating probation and was sent to 60 days in jail although she only had to serve half of that time.

Mindy claims that the tape was stolen from her personal possession. We think otherwise. Perhaps she released the sex tape herself to get some needed publicity for her career. It wouldn’t be a shock if that was the case.

If you are curious to watch Mindy McCready’s sex tape, you can find the whole video among other celebrity sex tapes exclusively at Gossip Tapes.

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